Play the colourful slot machine game ‘Flowers’ now!

You have special symbols in this slot machine game, such as double symbols and wild symbols! Double marks count as two single symbols! This gives you the extra opportunity to form faster and higher combinations! This gives you a chance to win a lot of money!

Flowers Wild symbols

There are also Wild symbols; these symbols replace all other characters, except free spins and double symbols on this funny and fun Flowers video slot. If you’re lucky enough to get free spins in a row, there’s an extra chance to win even more big prizes through stacked wild symbols! But that’s not all, ‘Flowers’s has many more surprises!

Can you manage to make four free spin symbols appear? Then you get ten free spins! For five free spin symbols, 15 free spins! 6 characters are good for 20 free spins! Can you manage to get seven free spin symbols? Then you get no less than 25 free spins! Are you the real lucky guy, and can you conjure up eight characters? Then you get 30 free spins! Free spin symbols can also appear as double symbols.

So don’t wait any longer; play the game now! You have a choice of 5 bet levels, and you can play 30 lines. The coin values ​​you can choose from are: €0.01, €0.02, €0.05, €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50. So play for an amount that makes you feel good! And win big at ‘Flowers’!

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